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Our New Stock

Explore a new stock with an extensive, ever changing range of granite, marble, dolomite and Quartzite pieces.



We only supply hand-selected, quality stone with customer satisfaction at mind - so you can rest assured that your eye-catching stone centerpiece is an affordable, top of the range investment. We understand the timeless, sophisticated and luxurious features of natural stone, which is why we are motivated to support customers in finding the right fit for their home.

No other building material can match the benefits of our natural stone. Every piece holds uniquely defined patterns of our Earth, meaning that your piece will be custom to you and not just a mass-produced item owned by many. The unique colours, tones, textures and patterns that come with natural stone will add character to any project and cannot be replicated through manufacturing. Natural stone stays vibrant, durable and beautiful for extensively longer periods of time than manufactured materials, meaning it is a more financially-sound investment than manmade stone.




Natural stone is like no other. It cannot be replaced nor replicated. Every slab is unique of colour, pattern, origin, gradient and mineral consumption. From striking, bright colours to the naturally perfect, calming blend of tones, natural stone offers something that you cannot find anywhere else. Explore our showroom to see for yourself.

Our Service

Our team works to deliver the highest possible service. We do this by working closely with out client to understand their vision and offering outstanding product to help this manifest. We always deliver on-time and on budget and almost always receive 5 star reviews.


Natural stones tend to have a high-cost reputation, but this does not have to be the case. Since we import directly from premium quarries we have partnered with around the world, our prices are very often cheaper than you would expect! In fact, some are cheaper than manufactured options. 

Carbon Friendly + Safe

Natural stone is a better choice compared with other materials often used as surfaces around the home. It does not require harmful chemicals during fabrication and requires less maintenance over time. This combined with a low embodied energy means natural stone is a great low carbon alternative to other building materials.

Durability and Maintenance

Natural stones such as granite are incredibly strong, hard wearing and durable offering an atheistic that doesn’t age. they withstand the impacts of moisture, harsh climates and high traffic areas with ease. We often see natural stone that is 15-20 years old and still has its original natural sheen. Maintenance is minimal, too - a sealer coat should be reapplied every 3-5 years, and that is all!


Stone has been used in construction for thousands of years, but Granite benchtops came into popular culture in high end and designer kitchen in the mid 1800’s and the world has never looked back; quality granites and natural stones are a forever-modern building material that exhibits the utmost elegance.

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